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Title: History of our Development

2010-12-20 15:30

    Being first built in 1914, it used to be called Zheng Zhi High School, founded by Xu Shu Zheng General of the Bei Yang government. At that time, the school was situated outside the Xuan Wu Gate.

    In 1920, the campus was moved to outside Fu Cheng Gate, and renamed the Private Cheng Da Senior and Junior Middle School, meaning that the graduates have both integrity and ability. Its formal principals include Fu Zeng Xiang the Minister of Education of Bei Yang Government, the Minister of Transportation Ye Gong Zhuo, the Minister of Finance Wu Ding Chang, and famous scholars like Zhou Zuo Ren, Zhu Guang Qian, Jiao Ju Yin and Si Qi He.

    During the Japanese intrusion in 1937, the school campus was forcefully taken over by the Japanese Printing House. As a result, it moved again, to near the Zi Guang Pavilion of Zhong Nan Hai, and merged with Shang Yi High School in 1952.

    In 1954, the high school moved into today’s campus, and renamed the 42 High School. 4 years later the Beijing Government attached the high school to the Beijing Normal College, and renamed the Attached High School of Beijing Normal College. In 1992 the College was renamed the Capital Normal University and the high school was thus renamed after that.

The formal of the Attached High School of Capital Normal University was Cheng Da High School which was founded in 1914. Cheng means ‘achieve’ and Da means ‘reach’ in Chinese. It was named so because the founder hoped that the youth of China would achieve both integrity and ability through education and therefore contribute to the country.

For more than 80 years, generations of patriotic scholars devoted themselves for Chinese education here. We can proudly say that our high school has greatly contributed to the development of the country, to the advancement of the nation ever since its birth.All these years have resulted in the tradition of the high school, which can be shortened to 4 words: initiative, dedicated, practical, and creative.

The high school has suffered great loss during the ten years of Cultural Revolution. After China has opened its door to the world in the recent two decades, the losses had been made up by the hard work of a few principals, under the leadership of the Committee of Education of Beijing government, and the Communist Party committee of the Capital Normal University. The quality of education is ensured by the hard work of all the staff, and the high school maintained its prestige in Beijing. We won’t forget what the past principals have done for us.

Under the leadership of Chairman Deng Xiaoping, the central Communist Party Committee has noted that the advancement of the country depends on technology. Thus, our high school has entered a new era of development. Nowadays, our teaching power has increased dramatically, our infrastructure is all renovated, and our teaching is equipped with high-tech instruments. Multi-media education can be carried out in every classroom and the electronic lab ensures every student has can go online freely.

In 2000, our high school was marked as one of the experimental high schools in Beijing. With the support from the Committee of Education of Beijing and Haindian District, we grasped this opportunity and faced the challenge. Both lesson plans and methods of education were renewed with creativity and the result was rewarding. In December 2001, we passed the checks conducted by the professionals of the Committee of Education of Beijing and became one of the first model high schools of national level.

In recent years, our high school has coped with a number of research projects of national, city, and district levels. We not only have to keep raising our standard of education, but also further in the field of basic research.

Our purpose of education is to prepare the students with responsibility, spirit of hard work and teamwork, ability of being independent, creativity, hands-on ability. Our ideology of education is based on patriot, science, and humanity. We have a proud history, as well as a bright future. It’s an honour to be part of our school. I hope that every member of our school remembers what Mr Li Lanqing told us, ‘to be the model of quality education in China’. We have to keep the hard work up, for a better tomorrow.

The future of a country depends on education. Each and everyone of us have to do our best for the brighter future of our nation.